She Tech Talks

SHETECHTALKS is a bilingual platform featuring successful Latinas and women of color, informing their pathways to successful STEM careers with the goal of inspiring Latina and underserved girls 9 - 17 to enter STEM fields.

In 2018 NCWIT published a report informing that Latina women makeup only 1% of the STEM workforce. STT aspires to change that by helping underserved girls achieve success in the AI and machine learning era, that is transforming society, education, every company and current and future jobs globally by interviewing women in the tech industry that look like them.

STT provides girls with the tools to navigate the evolving skills and competency based economy so they reach their potential and are career ready.. How did they get their foot in the door at the company they work at and what did it take to get there? What’s it like working there, what their jobs look like and the skills they utilize everyday.

This video shows highlights from CODeLLA's 2019 She Tech Talks, a series of videos of guest speakers of their 2019 She Tech Conference. These videos are meant to inspire young girls in their pursuit of STEM fields. Featuring employees of Microsoft, NASA, and more To view the full She Tech Talks videos, please visit