{After School}

After School at Centro Mater


Two Groups

Ages 8 - 13

Fundamentals of Computer Science

Digital Literacy



3pm - 5pm


Our after school program is held at Centro Mater on Fridays from 3pm to 5pm for girls 8 to 13 years old. Before we dive straight into code, we ensure our girls understand digital information and how to safely and appropriately interact with it. We'll then jump into how computers work: the difference between computer software/hardware, introduction to algorithms and the art of programming.

At CODeLLA, we believe in the benefits of project-based learning  and encourage the girls to work together and solve problems within their community using technology. The are required to research, plan, and develop their idea, either on the web or as a mobile app, followed by a presentation to the class. By teaching our girls technical and developmental techniques, we equip them with the skill set they need to confidently build out and engineer the next great company of the future! 

Throughout the program, we introduce the girls to extraordinary female leaders in technology during our Lunch and Learn series in the classroom.